The objective of the WallViz research project is to use visualization on wall-sized, interactive displays for improving decision making from massive collections of data. The academic project participants address this objective in collaboration with case partners working in healthcare, finance, and sustainability. Their analysis of data is essential for efficient use of resources and has direct consequences for businesses and society, for instance by improving the resource efficiency of the healthcare sector, analyzing resource expenditure in companies, and helping address climate change.

In particular we:

  • Develop highly interactive, wall-sized visualizations that allow fast-paced interactive and collaborative exploration of massive collections of data.
  • Invent database techniques for fast response to ad-hoc user queries and for finding interesting starting points for subsequent interactive exploration.
  • Understand the problem areas, needs, and data analysis practices in case partners’ work, grounding the research in important and concrete concerns.
  • Integrate and evaluate visualizations in case partners’ work, aiming at improving analyses of massive data collections and, consequently, decision-making.